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How can the stretch marks at teens be prevented

The stretch marks are, generally, associated with pregnancy because mothers are common victims of this unpleasant phenomenon, emerged from forced stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Also, the stretch marks can appear not only at pregnant women, but any other person who suddenly gains weight and, also, suddenly loses weight. Although it may seem strange, these marks are a natural …

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11 Products You Should NEVER Apply on Your Face

Don’t ever apply the following products on your face because you will regret it. 1.Hair Spray. Some say that the hair spray helps you setting your makeup, but, actually, it should NEVER be applied to your face. This product contains lacquers and alcohol that are chemical for the skin, causing it to dehydrate and you to look older. In addition, …

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Get rid of Blackheads in just 5 minutes

Blackheads are a problem for many people, no matter the age. Generally, they are appearing on the face, especially on the nose, and is formed after the pores are blocked due to the accumulation of dirt, sebum and keratin. Blackheads are not a threat to health, but gives a bad complexion.

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How to wash your hair without a Shampoo – Method NO-POO

No-poo method which involves washing the hair without shampoo is healthier,cheaper and faster hair growth.Here’s how it’s done :  No-poo method is a way you wash your hair without using shampoo.There are many variations,but the most popular is the one that uses baking soda and vinegar.

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7 Best Natural Remedies to get rid of Cellulite

Cellulite! This word makes both men and women tremble. Also, it appears to both skinny and voluptuous women. The weight is not a sign. This orange-peel-like skin appears depending on our lifestyle, genetics, hormones and other factors. Usually, women spend a fortune on cellulite-reducing treatments, however, they don’t provide the desired results and actually, they can do more harm than …

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What is the Cause for Overweight

Analyze your body and see where you have most of fat. It tells about your lifestyle! Learn how to get rid of your excessive fat.Obesity is the condition when an individual has too much body weight, and it especially refers to body fat. It affects both sexes, at any age. The scientists have established that there are six types of …

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