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Home made beats Pill for your Phone

Make your own “Beats Pill” with only a roller, made of cardboard. You can take the roller, that more precisely you will find in your own kitchen, from a foil wrap pack. Of course, the sound it will not be exactly like the real speaker can replay, but it will amplify the sound almost perfectly.

In this way you will save $200.

1.So you will need a roller from a foil wrap pack;

2.You’ll cut the roller in the middle in such way that your Samsung or Iphone ( or other smartphone that you have ) will fit in there;

3.And now … lol … 😀 … you can brand your roller, printing the “Beats Pill” design.

Here you go :D…Now you have too a “Beats Pill” in your home  LOL.

home made beats pill for your phone

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