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Easy way to get curls overnight

Zero degrees heat, no hair curlers and no curling iron. I will present you an easy way to curl your hair. Do this before you go to sleep.

1.After you wash your hair, keep it in the towel as water is well absorbed.
2.Keep the towel on your head about 40-45 minutes.
3.Don’t dry it, just let it wet.

4.Comb your hair, separate it into two parts, and each part braided in two, as in the tutorial below.

5.Try to tighten the queues as much as your scalp accepts.

6.Sleep overnight with the queues braided and in the morning you’ll have very curly hair.

I’ve slept 7 hours and you can see the result in the first two pictures from the tutorial below.
Easy way to curl your hair

Easy way to get curls overnight

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  1. Spencer Herriott

    these directions are not clear @ all to me!! I tried doing it tonight & it didn’t work out @ all — mainly because the directions were unclear. Can you do another more detailed tutorial? Maybe a video??

  2. I want beach messy hair. I have many layers. Should I wet it put a towel and sleep with it. And what products. I have shoulder length hair. Thankyou

  3. I think what you’re supposed to do is separate the hair into two sections, like you were going to do two French braids, but instead of braiding the two sections, you split one section at a time into two sections, and twist them together and add a piece as you go… Just like a French braid. Then when you have twisted it all the way down, you put it in a bun and secure it. Do the same on the other side. I hope that helps you understand a little better. I’m going to try this out tonight

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