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7 Methods to FAST DRY your Nails

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting half an hour to dry your nail polish on the nails and then to realize that your manicure is destroyed when you looked for something in your bag. But fortunately, there are some ways you can keep your manicure intact after you have applied nail polish:

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6 Natural Remedies to Shrink Pores

The persons who have oily skin deal with pores larger than usually. Hoping to decrease their pores’ size, they are searching for various cosmetic products for solving their problems. But not always the solutions from commerce are as efficient as you could expect. Also, there exists the possibility these products to cause side-effects. Instead, why should you risk? Everyone with …

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11 Natural Face Mask Recipes

I love to take care of my skin, that’s why I choose to make my own facial masks at home and use them as I see fit. Finding the facial mask that will be appropriate for your skin may seem difficult, but it’s worth the effort, so check out the following collection and maybe you’ll find the one that is …

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11 Products You Should NEVER Apply on Your Face

Don’t ever apply the following products on your face because you will regret it. 1.Hair Spray. Some say that the hair spray helps you setting your makeup, but, actually, it should NEVER be applied to your face. This product contains lacquers and alcohol that are chemical for the skin, causing it to dehydrate and you to look older. In addition, …

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How to wash your hair without a Shampoo – Method NO-POO

No-poo method which involves washing the hair without shampoo is healthier,cheaper and faster hair growth.Here’s how it’s done :  No-poo method is a way you wash your hair without using shampoo.There are many variations,but the most popular is the one that uses baking soda and vinegar.

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7 Makeup Artist Secrets that will Change your Life

Women dream about wearing an exquisite makeup and look good all the time. I bet that most of them want to have the abilities to apply the makeup themselves. However, the technique and other subtleties need a lot of practice, but practice makes perfect. If you don’t know where to start from, read this article and find out tips provided …

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