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Afro Style Curls without Heat

Curls have always been in fashion. They add volume and exquisite texture to your hair. There are women who have curly hair from nature, but if you are not among them and you heavily wish to have such hair, then it is not a problem. You may not even need to deal with tools and products to reach the expected …

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Easy way to get curls overnight

Zero degrees heat, no hair curlers and no curling iron. I will present you an easy way to curl your hair. Do this before you go to sleep. 1.After you wash your hair, keep it in the towel as water is well absorbed. 2.Keep the towel on your head about 40-45 minutes. 3.Don’t dry it, just let it wet.

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DIY Distressed Jeans

If you have a pair of old jeans and you don’t want to throw them away,  you can restyle them. By restyling I mean distressed them 😀 Simple techniques will give to your jeans a tattered look in a fraction of the time. Like I did! You can use different tools like:

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Home made beats Pill for your Phone

Make your own “Beats Pill” with only a roller, made of cardboard. You can take the roller, that more precisely you will find in your own kitchen, from a foil wrap pack. Of course, the sound it will not be exactly like the real speaker can replay, but it will amplify the sound almost perfectly.

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Preparing vase from PVC pipe

Crafts are always delivering the opportunity for people to bring their imaginations to life. People need the right amount of goods to prepare what they see in their mind. With simple procedures, people have a chance to decorate their homes with beautiful artifacts. Learning to make a bud vase from a PVC pipe is an excellent option. It is a …

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Making a heart shaped pillow at home

A do-it-yourself project is always enticing and exciting. People find it satisfactory to carry out such projects, as they feel they content with the creations. Apart from the satisfaction, the result matters the most. People have the opportunity to create a wonderful creation that suits to their personality and taste. They no longer have to depend on commercial products. Making …

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