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Hair Removal Alternative for Shaving and Waxing

The majority of women shave their legs regularly, wasting lots of time for this process. This is because the hair is back again and again. Even if shaving is a simple procedure, it is not the most convenient hair removal method. The products that are sold in pharmacies for this purpose contain often dangerous chemicals that are bad for skin. …

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How to cure tooth decay using egg shell

The egg shell is considered useless and thrown, but did you know that it has miraculous properties for your health? See how you can use it to treat tooth decay in a natural way and strengthen your bones. The scientists studied for years the properties which the egg shell has for our health and established that it is very rich …

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What happens if you keep your hands in water with vinegar?

The modern medicine offers us all kinds of drugs meant to heal us or to ameliorate certain diseases, but a young lady demonstrates us that the practices of old a much more efficient. The young woman, who was suffering of arthritis and joint pain, performed procedures with apple cider vinegar regularly, and in two months she started to feel better. …

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Home Remedy Ear Infection

Ear infections are a very painful affection that causes pain not only to the ear but to the whole body as well. They are provoked by bacteria or viruses in the middle ear. Ear infections are more common to children than to adults. Among the conditions that favor ear infections are wax buildup, respiratory infections, allergies, alcohol, genetics, nutritional deficiencies …

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DIY Wart Removal

How do you know that you have a wart? I will only want to talk about plantar warts. These are the worst things that grow mainly on the bottom of your feet or toes caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).Apparently they are highly contagious and can spread to anywhere else. Now I will present you a home remedy for plantar …

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How to make a Lollipop Tree

I’m going to share with you an easy and sweet diy tutorial that will make you and your kids very happy on that moment. I’m sure that you’ve heard about the lollipop tree and if you don’t I will tell you how to make one. You only need 3 things:

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