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Detoxify Your Hair with Natural Ingredients

We all know that hair products based on chemicals like shampoos, conditioners and some procedures like straightening, smoothening, make your hair weaker. Besides all these, our hair is daily affected by external pollutants and toxins. As a consequence, we confront with excessive hair fall, hair thinning, poor hair growth, various kinds of hair disorders like dandruff and boldness.For making your …

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How to wash your hair without a Shampoo – Method NO-POO

No-poo method which involves washing the hair without shampoo is healthier,cheaper and faster hair growth.Here’s how it’s done :  No-poo method is a way you wash your hair without using shampoo.There are many variations,but the most popular is the one that uses baking soda and vinegar.

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Easy way to get curls overnight

Zero degrees heat, no hair curlers and no curling iron. I will present you an easy way to curl your hair. Do this before you go to sleep. 1.After you wash your hair, keep it in the towel as water is well absorbed. 2.Keep the towel on your head about 40-45 minutes. 3.Don’t dry it, just let it wet.

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