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Detoxify Your Hair with Natural Ingredients

We all know that hair products based on chemicals like shampoos, conditioners and some procedures like straightening, smoothening, make your hair weaker. Besides all these, our hair is daily affected by external pollutants and toxins. As a consequence, we confront with excessive hair fall, hair thinning, poor hair growth, various kinds of hair disorders like dandruff and boldness.For making your …

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Natural Remedies Against Acne Scars

I found out what acne is at an early age. Once, when I was in 4th grade, I woke up with a face smothered with pimples, and I could get rid of them only in my early twenties. And I’m talking about deep, and painful pimples, full of pus and blood. That was disgusting, unpleasant and embarrassing for me. But …

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11 Natural Face Mask Recipes

I love to take care of my skin, that’s why I choose to make my own facial masks at home and use them as I see fit. Finding the facial mask that will be appropriate for your skin may seem difficult, but it’s worth the effort, so check out the following collection and maybe you’ll find the one that is …

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How to cure tooth decay using egg shell

The egg shell is considered useless and thrown, but did you know that it has miraculous properties for your health? See how you can use it to treat tooth decay in a natural way and strengthen your bones. The scientists studied for years the properties which the egg shell has for our health and established that it is very rich …

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11 Ordinary Remedies for Spider Bites

As a rule, spider bites are inoffensive, if the spiders are not venomous and you do not have allergic reaction from them. In this case, itching, redness, pain, swelling and other unpleasant local reactions resulted by the spider’s toxins can be treated with some home remedies. But, first of all, ensure yourself that you saw the spider which bit you, …

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Fast acting pimple clearing tip : Advil Liqui-Gels

Would you think that if researchers are able to decode the human genome, they should be able to eradicate acne? Well no! It`s for you to cope with eruptions that continue to jeopardize your pride long after the angst of adolescence had calmed down. When a button rears its ugly little head black, white or red, you can rush to the …

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