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What to purchase for loved one when travelling to Asian countries on holidays

The attraction in Asian countries When touring the Asian countries, taking something back for the loved ones is a must. The culture one may find in the eastern world is completely different from the western life. Though the modern technology and infrastructure might be there such as in Malaysia, Thailand and China, however the culture is completely different. When people …

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Singapore , Asia

With a population of less than 5 million, Singapore expects 11.75 million visitors this year. Although it is a melting pot of cultures, including Indian, Chinese and Malay, English is the dominant language, and Westerners do not tend to experience the culture shock there that occurs elsewhere in the region. Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island. Singapore …

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Bangkok , Thailand

Like I was searching for great places to visit, I saw a top 20 of the most visited places of this year, 2013. In the article I found it said that Bangkok, it`s the first asian city that in this year it`s in the top most visited by the people around the world. Bangkok is the capital and the most …

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Pamukkale , Turkey

Pamukkale translates as a fortress of cotton. Pamukkale is a strange geological formation, located in the Aegean region in Turkey. At first glance, is a series of full terraced water with high calcium content of incredible beauty: the tectonic movements that took place in the depression of the fault basin of Menderes River not only caused frequent earthquakes but also …

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Petra , Jordan

The city of Petra, located in Jordan, although kept hidden over seventy -five percent of its buildings, has managed to arouse the enthusiasm of everyone since 1812, when Johann Ludwig Burckhardt identified it. In 1985, the city became part of the UNESCO world heritage site, and in 1993, Jordan delimited part of the city as a national park. Numerous excavations …

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The Wave , Arizona , USA

Magical, mythical, long secret, The Wave is a natural site of exceptional beauty. Shaped by the wind like waves, this treasure of the American West is extremely fragile and with limited access. Access to Wire Pass (parking The Wave) is via the track House Rock Valley Road on U.S. Highway 89, 38 miles/61 km from Kanab and 35 miles/56 km …

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