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The best trick against Sweat

Ordinary powder of baking soda is useful in the treatment of many diseases, from cancer to gastric acidity. Ther is no house without baking soda . Housewives use it in cakes, as well as emergency medicine in case of heartburn. The white powder has more uses than we might think. From cough, ulcers, from cleaning stains , from teeth whitening, …

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5 Tricks against Underarm Sweating

Although sweating is a natural process and it can’t be stopped, both men and women find it uncomfortable. Especially in summer, when women want to wear white blouses or white dresses, and sweating causes the appearance of yellow stains. Some people are sweating abundantly if they get nervous, excited or are in a warm room. If you are one of …

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Crystal Body Deodorant Stick – The Best Remedy against SWEATING

A month ago I was in Spain in vacation. One night, when I was out with some friends I’ve heard them talking about this natural deodorant stick. Two of my friends were talking how they were so pleased about it. First I didn’t get it, I didn’t understood about what were they talking ” a rock that they were using …

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