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What BRUSHES must have a girl in her MAKEUP BAG

Hello girls . Today`s article it will be about what brushes should all girls have to do theirĀ  make up . This is a list with MUST have in your makeup bag . I`ll hope that this it will help you : First of all , the Powder Brush . These brush can be use for powder and at the …

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What a girl likes in a guy?

It is always difficult for any guy to understand a girl. Most men find it frustrating at times and often find ways to know what a girl/woman likes. However, a few pointers will help men/guys to have a clear though about what a girl likes the most. Attention All females crave for attention. It is common and important for any …

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The topics that girls love to talk about

  Most men complain that they find it difficult to understand about their partners. This is because they are unable to get a clue about what a girl likes to talk. After the initial introductory remarks, the conversation comes to a halt, which eventually happens to be the last day of the date. Likes and dislikes Girls often find it …

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